Project Overview

KDOT has committed to deliver the transportation infrastructure improvements necessary to support the newly announced Panasonic Energy Co. electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturing facility in De Soto.

The infrastructure improvements, scheduled for completion in late 2024, include updating just over 4 miles of the current two-lane asphalt road to a new divided 4-lane roadway with curb & gutter, bike lanes, sidewalks and lighting.

The work will generally be along the existing footprint of 103rd Street between Evening Star Road and the Lexington Avenue/K-10 interchange, and about one half mile of Astra Parkway (formerly Main Avenue) south from 103rd Street.

De Soto Map

Project Delivery

KDOT used a two-step process to select the team for design and construction: Step 1 – Qualifications-Based Short-listing and Step 2 – Determination of the Best Value Proposer. KDOT evaluated different delivery methods and selected Progressive Design-Build (PDB) as the preferred approach to procure and deliver the De Soto Local Road Improvements Project. This project is KDOT’s first PDB project.

Project Funding

These improvements are being funded, in part, through KDOT's Economic Development Program. The program’s objective is to create new jobs and encourage capital investment in Kansas by helping fund transportation improvements that will recruit new businesses and encourage growth of existing businesses.

K-10 Corridor Capacity Improvement Project

The K-10 Corridor Capacity Improvements Project was announced in December 2021 as part of the Kansas Department of Transportation’s Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Program (IKE).

The K-10 corridor is a 16.5-mile stretch of state highway from the Douglas/Johnson County Line to I-435 in Johnson County, Kansas. Spanning the cities of DeSoto, Lenexa and Olathe, the corridor supports existing and future redevelopment in eastern Kansas and the Kansas City metropolitan area. Major educational institutions, industrial areas, new high-tech businesses, office and commercial sites and residential areas are located along this corridor.

Visit the K-10 Corridor Capacity Improvement Project website.

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